In October 2003, more than 120 companies (covering over 70% of the domestic employments and 90% of the GDP) constituted the Textile Trade Association (TTA). In the beginning of 2004, TTA submit application in the USAID project MCA (Macedonian Competitive Activities) to become a textile apparel cluster. The Textile Cluster was constituted in October 2004. The Textile Cluster Leadership Council (CLC) made the first step toward cluster sustainability with the merger of the Textile Trade Association (TTA) and the Textile Cluster,(TC). In December 2005, some 100 textile industry representatives attended a meeting at which the Apparel CLC announced the merger and presented a 2006 work plan. The new organization “Textile Trade Association – Cluster of Textile” (TTA-CT) was established in March 2006 as a self-sustainable and professional trade association for the textile industry.

Textile Trade Association – Cluster of textile (TTA-CT) is a non-profit NGO, whose primary goal is improving companies’ competitiveness, thus registering world trends and changes in the global market, as well as adjusting the participants’ own production to such trends and changes.

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